Thylazine #1 Oh Hey Guys

Millie here! Welcome to the Thylazine; a long-form blog where we will be talking more in depth about the stuff that interests, inspires, and changes the way we think; the stuff that consequently drives our creative process. We have always felt that the classic social media channels don’t provide a solid space for diving deep and rather than fight against those ‘content’ (god I hate that word) guidelines we thought it would be cool to set up a page on our website that is more dedicated to ‘A Deeper Understanding’ (great album). It’s fair to say that we have always prioritised the personal over the political, that’s not to say that we aren’t affected by the latter but that the former provides us with better tools to act in the world. Throughout our albeit short career there has always been a different permutation of the same ‘nasty guy/gal’ in power, there’s so much to be upset about, so many wrongs that need to be made right but it’s disingenuous to rally against them all because life is so much more than that and the experiences that we have embody so much more than that. On a side note, I also believe that social media does more harm than good and since that’s where most of us find ourselves having these debates, the battle is lost before it has begun.

We’ve all been so politicised but not every song is a protest song, and we find it sad to see so many creators pressurised into pretending that they are. It’s one thing for a song to acquire meaning whereby a group of people relate to it and rally behind it but its entirely another thing to attribute and encourage meaning to your own song based on ‘current trends’ and popular opinion, especially when you add that it has inevitably been written from a deeply personal perspective.

We’re not about that so we started this in the hope that we can get closer to our fans, imperfect human to imperfect human… seems more sustainable.

This is just a brief intro and the first ramble of many, we’re looking forward to sharing more with you in the run up to our debut album. On a side note i’ve been sewing a lot during these lockdowns so I thought I might do some ‘How To’ posts about some of the things i’ve made most recent being my outfit for the Breathe music video. Check it out - click the pic below and have a good week friends! Millie x

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